With WChat, offer your registered customers and website visitors a live chat where they can contact you directly through your support system.

Revolutionize Communication!

Fast and effective communication is the key to success in customer relations. WChat is a revolutionary live chat module developed for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to communicate effectively and efficiently with your customers and anyone who visits your website. Take your customer support services to the next level with WChat's innovative features.

Introducing WChat's Advanced Features

Fully Integrated Live Chat

Offer your website visitors and existing customers a seamless live support experience. Chats are processed through WISECP's "admin panel > support system". This allows you to manage all contact requests in a centralized and easy way.

Customizable Activation

WChat allows you to enable live chat separately for website visitors, registered clients or clients with active services.

Smart Timing

Activate your live chat system according to your business hours. This way, you can manage your workload by preventing out-of-hours requests.

Secure Content Encryption

Give your clients the ability to send their private data encrypted during the call. This feature helps to securely protect sensitive information.

Mandatory Data Entry

You can ask your visitors for basic info such as name/surname, e-mail and mobile number before starting a chat. This ensures both effective communication and the ability to contact your customers or visitors through other channels if necessary.

Dynamic Triggering

You can have the live chat window open automatically after a certain period of time. This is very effective for your customers to see that you offer live chat support.

Break Boundaries with Advanced Integration

Go beyond the boundaries with the advanced integration feature and make live chat communication available on all your websites. Using the "Embed Code" feature, in just a few simple steps, you can seamlessly integrate your live chat system into everything from your website to your blog, from your e-commerce platforms to the software you offer.

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