AI Assistant

AI Assistant enables you to create a better customer experience and helps you increase your operational efficiency and sales.

Discover the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Gaining competitive advantage in the global market and increasing customer satisfaction is one of the most basic needs of today's business world. AI Assistant helps businesses realize customer support services faster, more effectively and more professionally by providing solutions to these needs using artificial intelligence technology.

Advanced Features of AI Assistant

Reply with AI

Support ticket system and contact form messages have been integrated with artificial intelligence. Now you can provide instant, intelligent and accurate responses to incoming messages. This is the key to increasing customer satisfaction and reducing response times.

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Improve Message

AI Assistant can improve the response text you write in support notifications and contact form messages, improving its quality and making it more professional. This way, you can create a more professional and corporate impression to your customers, website visitors and business partners.

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Ask to AI

One of the most prominent features of AI Assistant is the "Ask AI" function. This feature allows you to access instant and detailed information on every topic while preparing responses to support tickets and contact form messages. With AI pushing the boundaries of technology, you can get in-depth answers to even complex questions.

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Automatic Ticket Response

The AI-powered Automatic Ticket Reply feature generates automatic responses for customer support tickets based on the conditions you set. This provides a top-notch customer experience by instantly resolving your customers' issues and simultaneously increasing the productivity of your support team.

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